Endpoint Security

24/7 protection for
every access point

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Full Lifecycle Endpoint Security

for prevention, post breach detection, investigation, and response to cyber threats

Cyber Defense

for workstations, laptops, servers and other network connected devices

24/7 Detection, Response, and Mitigation

of malware, ransomware, zero‑day threats, non‑malware and file‑less attacks

Enterprise Endpoint Security Benefits

  • Minimize Risk
    Advanced real-time monitoring utilizing the industry’s deepest threat intelligence data to prevent, identify, and respond to cybersecurity events.
  • Modernize Your Endpoint Protection with Less IT Resources
    We combine built-in Next Generation Antivirus (NGAV) that stops unknown and new threats that traditional antivirus and firewall can’t, combined with 24/7 Security Operations for post breach detection, response, and remediation to allow you to augment or replace your current solutions.
  • Faster Resolutions
    Because the services are built on best-of-breed technology, expert analysts, automation, and the industry’s largest proprietary threat intelligence dataset and catalog of pre-built playbooks and rules, we are uniquely positioned to detect, assess and respond to cybersecurity events within minutes — not hours, days, or weeks.

Ready to Start? Choose the expert-managed endpoint detection and response service that meets your unique needs.


Standard Managed Prevention

  • Assessment and removal of all false positives and on-going enhancements to your detection library based on the latest threat intelligence data

Initial Policy Consultation

  • Consultation with a security expert to customize your detection policies and alert rules to fit your IT environment

Continuous Policy Adaptation

  • Continuous review and tuning of detection policies and alert rules to your organization’s evolving needs

Malware Remediation

  • Custom policy enforcement to neutralize the latest and most advanced cyber attacker techniques

Root Cause Analysis

  • Remote root cause analysis of all positively identified malicious activity

WaveLengthTM Client Portal Experience

  • Access to our cloud-based client portal where you can see an easy-to-understand representation of your security program
  • Ability to interact directly with Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts
  • Full event visibility and access to at-a-glance insights and compliance reports

Implementation Project Management

  • Access to a named Implementation Project Manager to assist you during the onboarding process
  • Assistance with establishing timeline goals and selection of resources and devices to be onboarded


Includes all the features in the ‘Essentials’ package with the addition of:

Assigned Technical Customer Success Manager (CSM) and Quarterly Cybersecurity Reviews

  • Access to a named Client Advisor to act as your primary support and consultant for your security program
  • Direct engagements and consultation when security events occur
  • Quarterly engagements to review your security program goals and tracking of results
  • Recommendations for adjustments or improvements of your security program

Endpoint Incident Response with Digital Forensics, and Investigation Support

  • Comprehensive forensic investigation of infected endpoints and malware analysis to support formal response procedures for the collection of evidence to meet your business and compliance requirements

Protect your business at every endpoint.

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